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UPDATE- (22/03/2020- 19:47PM) Brand Is Not Far From Ready, Today The LookBook I Designed Exclusively For The Subscribers Was Nearly Sent Out, But I Didn't Know I Had So Much To Catch Up On.

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Bipolar Astronaut Email Address Above As My Instagram Accounts Haven't Been Accessed For The Last Month Near Enough. I Made A Handful Of Different Edits To Put Up A Few Days Back, I Am Doing This And Put The Email Address Up Top Because Some Of You Were Worrying, I Don't Like To Think Of Others Worrying. Of Course It's Life, But Not Just Any Life, It Is Your Life And You Do Matter. I'm Working With New Fonts, Styles, Editing Choices Have Stretched From Heavily Influenced Forms Of Blur, Motion, Wave Scene, Aesthetic, To Analog, Distortion, Blends Of Experimental Noise.

(22/03/2020- 20:15PM)

I Know Some Of You Showed Severe Levels Of Support In Other Things I Was Doing, Mainly The Mental Illness Side Of Things, We Face A Big Task Battling With Our Minds Daily. So For Me When Social Media Empowers Itself To Violate A Human Beings Human Rights, In The Form Of Discrimination Towards His Or Hers Fundamental Freedom Of Expression, It Becomes A Different Level Of Battling Daily. A Person Gained Some Confidence, Some Self Esteem, Some Self Empowerment And Took A Leap Of Faith, In The Sense Of Opening Up About Their Struggles They Endure Behind The Mental Walls That Haunt Them In Catastrophic Amounts Behind Their Eyes. The Person Puts A Post Up, That's A Small Step And Small Steps Make The Biggest Progress At The Best Of Times. That Post Is Removed For Alleged Reasons That Are Nothing But Propaganda Fuelled Metaphors, ("Them Actions Of Erasing The Posts Also Erase The Persons Confidence To Open Up") To Convey Their Support In Aid Of Those Battling Invisible Wars Behind Their Eyes Daily.

(22/03/2020- 20:39PM)

HEY- It's No Case For Shame To Be Suicidal, To Have Self Harm Scars, To Find Yourself Down A Rabbit Hole And Have To Pick Yourself Up And Start Over Again. You Are Human, A Lot Of You I Connected With Have Some Scars That You Should Be Proud Of And Feel No Shame In Owning Them. Every Scar Has It's Own Story, Every Star Goes On A Journey, Every Human Being Has A Story To Tell. Your Story Matters, Embrace Who You Are, We Do Write Because Nobody Listens.

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