Självmordskärlek Selvmordskærlighed


(Självmordskärlek Selvmordskærlighed)

Jag är självmord på grund av dig
Jeg er selvmordstanker på grund af dig
Jeg er selvmordstank på grunn av deg

Olen itsemurha teidän takia




Lost In A World That Doesn't Exist,
Empty Faces Inside Empty Places,
Rejection In The House Of Black Balloons,
Suicidal Distortion, Nostalgic Nightmares,
Sad Boy Living In A Suicidal World,

I Translate To Hide The Pain.


Don't Ever Feel Anything, This Was All A Game, You Rolled
The Dice, The Cards From The Deck You Laid Out On The
Table Weren't By Any Means Necessary An Everyday Transition.
Thank You For Ruining My Life And Nearly Killing Me 14 Times,
Thank You For The Suicidal Mess You Have Made Me,

It's OK, Your OK.