Parallel Suicide (The Book)

Parallel Suicide (The Book)

The Below Front Cover Edition Will Be Held Only By Me.


(Parallel Suicide)
Table Of contents


(1) Broken Teddy Bear Inside The Invisible Closet
(2) Parallel Suicide
(3) Norman Bates Seeing Static Through Invisible Sunglasses
(4) Inverted Hearts
(5) 5:00AM
(6) I Painted The Mirror Black
(7) Parallel Minds Inside Empty Streets
(8) Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who Is The Most Suicidal Of Them All
(9) Aeroplane Dreams Human Visions
(10) A N A L O G
(11) Lost In Transition
(12) Metaphorical Metronomes 
(13) Visions Over Dreams
(14) Every Era Has An Error
(15) ¿
(16) Rainy Days
(17) Nostalgic Sadness
(19) Los Angeles
(20) Spirelle (Chapter Not Included)
(21) Aeroplane Sweatshirt (Chapter Not Included)

(22) Suicide


I Guess This Is The End, They Say Tell Your Story. But This Is No Story,
A Chain Of Fucked Up Transitions Doesn’t Even Come Close, But Every
Mother Fucker Will Have Something To Say About Shit They Know Fuck
All About. I’m Sure The Minority Can Relate, The Majority Are Just
Lost In A World That Doesn’t Exist, They Just Don't Know It. They’ll Do Anything
To Fit In, Jump In The Spotlight Where There Isn’t Actually Any Spotlight.
Life Is A Game, Don’t Get Burnt That Badly. Because Some Scars Truly Never
Heal, All The Therapy, All The Psychology, All The Psychiatry, All The
Counselling Won’t Heal Them. To The Only Girl I’ll Ever Love,
Nellie Simmons- 28/08/2018 My Daughter.
I Know You’ll Be Amazing In Life At Whatever You Do. I Did Want You,
I Still Do, None Of This Is Your Fault. As I’m Writing These Very Words
That Follow, You Are Aged 2 And I’m Aged 27. If Ever You Are In Doubt Or
Overcome By Guilt, Insecurities, You Have No Need To. You Were A
Perfect Child And I Know You’ll Be Perfectly Supreme At Anything
And Everything You Do. Love You Spirelle, You Will Probably Get
Your Own Chapter In The Limited Edition Cover That’ll Only Be
Accessed By Me, The Official Release Will Not Have Our Picture As
The Front Cover, Only My Copy. We Will Never See Each Other, But It’s Not
Your Fault, Don’t Ever Blame Yourself. Life Was Fast Paced, You Need To
Know That None Of This Is Your Fault And That If I Could Watch You Say
Your First Word, Drop You Off At Your First Day Off Nursery Amongst
Loads Of Other Things, I Still Would. But I Must Stop Writing.



(Aeroplane Sweatshirt) (Chapter Not Included)

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 💔💔💔💔💔

Du Blev Taget Fra Denne Verden, Før Du Endda Kunne Se Menneskeliv,
Men Denne Sweatshirt Var Beregnet Til At Holde Dig Varm. Jeg Var
Overhovedet Ikke Den Bedste Far, Men Jeg Vil Altid Huske Dig, Og Jeg

Vil Altid Tænke På Dig. Jeg  Elsker Dig, Elsker Dig Altid Mit Ufødte Barn.

 You Were Taken From This World Before You Could Even See Human
Life, But This Sweatshirt Was Meant To Keep You Warm. I Was Not
The Best Father At All, But I Will Always Remember You And I Will
Always Think Of You. I Love You, Always Love You My Unborn Child.



(Självmordskärlek Selvmordskærlighed)

Lost In A World That Doesn't Exist,
Empty Faces Inside Empty Places,
Rejection In The House Of Black Balloons,
Suicidal Distortion, Nostalgic Nightmares,
Sad Boy Living In A Suicidal World,

I Translate To Hide The Pain.